Links and Literature on Microscopy:

The German-speaking forum on microscopy
This forum is dealing with with all microscopy themes. Especially recommended for technical solutions and hobby solutions.

The French forum on microscopy
The French forum on microscopy "Le Naturaliste" offers the whole diversity of microscopy themes. Especially the database on microfotos of biological and other objects has grown enormously in the last years and is a great help in species identification or introduction to a new theme.
The American forum on microscopy is on a high photographic level. Fantastic micrographs of microfotographers from all over the world can be found here.

Bryological and Lichenological Association for Central Europe
BLAM was founded about 40 years ago to facilitate contact between people working in any field of lichenology or bryology in Central Europe. Today, BLAM is a registered association with 320 members, EU-European and abroad, professionals and amateurs. BLAM is a registered association ("e.V."), No. VR 555 Dü (Vereinsregister Bad Dürkheim).

The British Lichen Society
The British Lichen Society welcomes all who are interested in lichens, whether you are a complete beginner or someone with a life-time’s experience of lichenology.

My literature:

Das große Kosmos-Buch der Mikroskopie von Bruno P Kremer Das Leben im Wassertropfen: Mikroflora und Mikrofauna des Süßwassers. Ein Bestimmungsbuch
von Heinz Streble (Autor, Illustrator), Dieter Krauter (Autor), Wolfgang Lang (Illustrator)
Farbatlas Flechten und Moose von Volkmar Wirth (Autor), Ruprecht Düll (Autor) Die Flechten Deutschlands, Volkmar Wirth, Markus Hauck, Matthias Schultz; Das neue Standardwerk für Deutschland Romeis - Mikroskopische Technik (Deutsch) Flechten einfach bestimmen: Ein zuverlässiger Führer zu den häufigsten Arten Mitteleuropas, Volkmar Wirth, Ulrich Kirschbaum

The Lichens of Great Britain and Ireland edited by Clifford Smith, André Aptroot, Brian Coppins, Anthony Fletcher, Oliver Gilbert, Peter James & Pat Wolseley (2009, reprinted 2011) Moosflora, von Jan-Peter Frahm, Wolfgang Frey Der große Kosmos Pilzführer: Alle Speisepilze mit ihren giftigen Doppelgängern (Deutsch) Pilze: Das große Bestimmungsbuch (Deutsch)