Sphagnum papillosum:

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Sphagnum_papillosum-Habitus_K.jpg Sphagnum papillosum

Habitus. Section Sphagnum. Plants green, strong. Stem epidermis 3 - 4 layered. Branches in fascicles to 4-5, thereof 1-2 pendant. Chlorocytes oval in cross sestion with papillae at the outer walls and centered between the hyalocytes.Microscopy, Stereomicroscope, Microfoto
Sphagnum_papillosum-Spiralfasern_K.jpg Sphagnum papillosum

Spiral fibrils, characteristic to section Sphagnum. Microscopy, Stereomicroscope, Microfoto
Sphagnum_papillosum-Astblatt_K.jpg Sphagnum papillosum

Branch leaf. Mounted directly from water into Apathy's medium. Microscopy, Stereomicroscope, Microfoto
Sphagnum_papillosum-Papillen_K.jpg Sphagnum papillosum

Branch leaf, closeup. Papillae at the outer walls of the chlorocytes. Microscopy, Stereomicroscope, Microfoto
Sphagnum_papillosum-Astblatt-Pol_K.jpg Sphagnum papillosum

Branch leaf in polarized light.Microscopy, Stereomicroscope, Microfoto
Sphagnum_papillosum-Konvex-oben_K.jpg Sphagnum papillosum

Branch leaf, pores, convex side. Staining with Methyleneblue Microscopy, Stereomicroscope, Microfoto
Sphagnum_papillosum-QS-Astblatt_K.jpg Sphagnum papillosum

Cross section branch leaf. Oval chlorocytes with papillae. Microscopy, Stereomicroscope, Microfoto
Sphagnum_papillosum-Resorptionsrinne_K.jpg Sphagnum papillosum

Cross section branch leaf. Cucullate apex. Characteristc to the section Sphagnum. Microscopy, Stereomicroscope, Microfoto
Sphagnum_papillosum-Stammblatt_K.jpg Sphagnum papillosum

Stem leaf, phase contrast.Microscopy, Stereomicroscope, Microfoto
Sphagnum_papillosum-QS-Ast-WackerSimultanII-Fluo_K.jpg Sphagnum papillosum

Cross section branch. Staining with Wacker Simultan II, Fluorecence. Microscopy, Stereomicroscope, Microfoto
Sphagnum_papillosum-QS-Stamm-WackerSimultanII_K.jpg Sphagnum papillosum

Cross section stem. Staining with Wacker Simultan II. Microscopy, Stereomicroscope, Microfoto