Spores of Equisetum telmateia, Great Horsetail:

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Equisetum_telmateia-Fundort_K.jpg Equisetum telmateia,
Great HorsetailMicroscopy, Stereomicroscope, Microfoto
Habitus, Spore-bearing strobilus
Equisetum_telmateia-Video_K.jpg Equisetum telmateia,
RiesenschachtelhalmMicroscopy, Stereomicroscope, Microfoto
Video of untreated spores with elaters. When the elaters become moist, they roll around the spore. When drying they unroll again and get chained to each other.
Equisetum_telmateia-Acetolyse_K.jpg Equisetum telmateia,
RiesenschachtelhalmMikroskopie, Stereomikroskop, Mikrofoto
Spores after acetolysis. Fossile spores should look like these ones.